Owners Corporation Information

What is an owners corporation?

An owners corporation is a legal entity created upon the registration of the plan of subdivision. It is commonly and historically referred to as an “owners corporation” and is responsible for the management, repair and administration of the common property, including insurance.

An owners corporation is governed by State Legislation, which provides the legal framework within which owner occupiers and residents can enjoy the use of common property together, for example garden areas, driveways, hallways, pools and recreational facilities.

A professional owners corporation manager plays a vital role in an increasingly complex environment by ensuring owners corporations are compliant with their legal responsibilities, while efficiently protecting and maintaining building owners’ assets.

Frequently asked questions

Ordering access products

Usually a swipe card, fob or remote control device that provides access to the building or through resident only secure areas. It can also be apartment keys where the building is registered on a restricted key system.

Building access products can be ordered online. Click here to place an order.

Contact your owners corporation manager at Network Pacific Strata Management with your details and they will arrange to have your order processed over the phone.

If you have not received your building access product, please contact us and we will establish:

  1. If the order was received online;
  2. If your payment has been confirmed as received; and
  3. The delivery details.

If an order is confirmed to be lost in the post, we will:

  1. De-activate the access product; and
  2. Provide a new access product.

Please note; some orders arranged via third parties, for example apartment keys, may take longer than four to five days.

Maintenance and issues within my lot

If you have a maintenance issue inside your lot please call your property manager or your own local contractor.

Emergency common area maintenance

Emergency after-hours maintenance assistance is available via our 24:seven Maintenance Solutions helpline on 1300 66 55 77, if your owners corporation has registered for this service. Please contact us for further information regarding our emergency after-hours service and the applicable fees.

Please use the following as a checklist:

  • Have you arranged for an energy retailer to connect your power? The power may have been connected when you moved in however, irrespective of this, you must establish your own account with an energy retailer to avoid disconnection.
  • Have you checked the switchboard in your lot? All circuit breakers and the main switch must be in the “ON” position.
  • If power is still unavailable please contact your energy retailer.

Please see below depending on whether you are a tenant or an owner occupier:

  • Tenants – contact your property manager
  • Owner occupiers – contact your Building Manager or Owners Corporation Manager

Legislation requires your smoke alarms to be operating at all times. Removing smoke alarms can cause faults on the fire monitoring equipment such as the fire indicator panel. The cost to rectify this problem may attract additional charges to the lot owner.

Please refer to your apartment manual for instructions.

My owners corporation financial and administration queries

Usually, an Annual General Meeting or other General Meeting has occurred and your owners corporation has approved a change to the current budget. Refer to your latest meeting minutes.

If you are an owner, yes. You can register to receive important information. Simply log into our Member Portal and change your details, or fill out our Go Paperless registration form. Alternatively, email your owners corporation manager at ownerscorp@networkpacific.com.au with your request, name, contact number, property address and lot number.

Refer to your current invoice and/or latest Annual General Meeting minutes for your fee due date. You can also access financial information and make payments via our Member Portal.

Like to know more about our owners corporation management services?

Whatever your owners corporation management needs, Network Pacific Strata Management is ready to help