Network Pacific Strata Management can help you to protect and maintain your building assets and assist in planning for the future needs of your Owners Corporation

Within the industry, we set the standard for:

  • Owners Corporation Management
  • Facilities and Building Management
  • 24Seven after hours emergency response
  • Property Maintenance
  • Essential Services Compliance
  • Communal Car Services
  • Carparklock security devices
  • Property Management Services
  • LED lighting solutions
  • Developer Services

We have in excess of $3.6 billion of buildings under management across five states in Australia and internationally. This provides us with a unique opportunity to view the needs of each Owners Corporation, Developer, Tenant, Owner-Occupier or investor from a global perspective. We are able to offer sustainable solutions to traditionally difficult problems while ensuring that investment within each building is being maintained and serviced in accordance with the legislative and benchmark standards within the industry.


Our Approach

Network Pacific believes in a comprehensive approach. Whether you are developer, investor, tenant or an owner occupier we aim to support you to meet your needs and, most importantly, achieve your goals within the applicable legal framework.

Our approach is underlined by:

  • Our belief in the value we add to our clients’ businesses and the relationships with their stakeholders;
  • Our aim of forming mutually beneficial, win-win relationship; and
  • Our desire to contribute to the long term success of our clients.