Developer Services

Network Pacific Strata Management’s experienced Business Development Team works in conjunction with the Developer to provide specialist advice. Our extensive experience with Condominium management gives us a thorough understanding of the broad range of issues which developers face, ensuring that each project progresses seamlessly through the planning, establishment and completion process.

We ensure the successful establishment of the Owners Corporation by assisting with the:

  • Plan of Subdivision including lot liabilities and entitlements;
  • Common property design and planning;
  • Preparation of an inaugural Budget and Maintenance Plan forecast;
  • Establishment of additional/special Owners Corporation rules specific to each property;
  • Registration of plans, rules and other relevant documents with Land Registry; and
  • Strata insurance in accordance with legislative requirements in each state.

We liaise with necessary third parties such as local water authorities, electricity and internet providers, and other service providers to establish essential/additional services. We also manage the tender process for service contracts for the property, such as service contracts for lifts, swimming pools, building management, facilities management and cleaning.

Our dedicated team assists with the activation of the Owners Corporation, ensuring a smooth transition from the developer to the owners. The service provided during this process include but are not limited to the preparation and assistance with:

  • Owners Corporation Certificates as per legislative requirements;
  • The Inaugural General Meeting and expenditure budgets for the first financial year;
  • The establishment of the Owners Corporation’s books and records in accordance with current legislation;
  • The coordination of resident/commercial tenancy move in;
  • Induction programs for service personnel;
  • Resident information guides customised for the property detailing the role and function of the Owners Corporation and any particulars relevant to property for prospective purchasers;
  • Owners Corporation related enquiries during the sales and marketing process.

Network Pacific Strata management acts as the point of contact for prospective purchasers and our team is available to handle any queries and provide specific information as required. We ensure the purchaser has a confident understanding of the role and functions of the Owners Corporation.

For more information or to discuss your specific development requirements, please contact the Business Development Team on (03) 9816 4722 or e-mail: