24/7 Common Area Maintenance

We are proud of the fact that we can respond to maintenance issues 24 hours per day for every day of the year!

Emergency (or General) Maintenance Issues
Phone 1300 66 55 77

General Maintenance Issues

Please email all issues to:

Hint: The subject field should advise ‘Maintenance Request’ & the property address.

If the maintenance issue is inside your lot (apartment/office/shop/warehouse/factory), please contact the following;

Tenants? Your rental property manager/landlord.
Owner? Your own contractor or 24seven maintenance solutions on 1300 66 55 77.

A little bit about our International 24sevenconnect Call Centre Support & Data Management (for property maintenance & emergencies).

It is a prerequisite that all service contractors listed on the Call Centre must have a registered ABN, business name, current trades license, public liability and workers compensation insurance. Completed the respective industry WH&S courses and continue to attend regular training courses.

If a service contractor does not meet the prerequisites, they are removed as a contractor from 24sevenconnect.

The many benefits of having the 24sevenconnect call centre are;

  • All service requests are allocated a job number and can be recalled at any time on the database;
  • Each service requested is allocated to trades personal and contractors via email or phone call in case of emergency;
  • 24sevenconnect monitors each service request and forwards a reminder email until the service request is completed;
  • All jobs are monitored by our Owners Corporation Managers;
  • Information relating to each service request can be viewed and monitored by the Owners Corporation Committee;
  • Owners Corporation can monitor maintenance expenditure;
  • In case of a quotes 24sevenms will submit all quotes first for full transparency and accountability.